Benefits of an Independent Firm

We combine the personal approach of an independent firm...

We want to help you achieve all your financial goals and take the time to build a long-lasting investment partnership with you and your family.
We ensure easy and direct communication when you have financial questions or need assistance.
We provide effective and useful client education for the absolute beginner or seasoned investor.
You have direct access to Adam Barnai, investment advisor and portfolio manager for BAM. He has experience investing in different market conditions, knowledge of current and historical financial markets, and a deep understanding of market psychology.



...with the capabilities of the largest banks.
We work with Pershing LLC for securities clearing and as custodian of your funds. Pershing LLC is the largest securities clearing firm in North America and a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon, the world's largest custodian. 
We partner with leading business-technology providers to utilize the latest technology to streamline communications, open your new accounts and manage your portfolio. Explore Our Partners
We help you open any type of investment, retirement, or education account you need.
We provide you with an online client portal and financial hub. This interactive portal is a powerful, easy-to-use financial tool that brings all your finances, investments and goals to one central hub.