Investing with Us


We specialize in managing smaller accounts for young professionals and entrepreneurs with a focus on long-term investing to best achieve your financial goals. We develop a customized financial program and actively manage a portfolio that is right for you based on key information and advanced strategies.


Information we review to select your investments includes:

  • Risk Tolerance
  • Current Finances
  • Career
  • Family
  • Age
  • Retirement and Investment Goals
  • Investment Time Horizon
  • Investment Knowledge


Strategies and tools we use to build and manage your portfolio:

  • Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT)
  • Daily Market Monitoring; Weekly Portfolio Monitoring
  • Asset allocation Rebalancing
  • A top down investment approach -- we look at the big picture, such as macroeconomic data, world markets, geo-political events, and market sentiment, which allows us to get an overall read on the investing environment.