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Market Rally takes a Summer Break

Market Rally takes a Summer Break

June 27, 2023

The stock market dropped slightly last week after several weeks of solid gains. This is the last week of what has been a strong 2nd quarter and we’ll see if the week ahead can help propel it to end on a high note.

Looking ahead, the beginning of a new quarter is always filled with a plethora of market moving reports and this one will likely determine how far and how fast this bull market can run as it attempts to get back to it’s all-time highs of January 4th 2022. A chronological order of July news events includes the jobs report, inflation reports, corporate earnings, and another federal reserve meeting.

Stock market momentum is a powerful force, and it has been to the upside for most of the 2nd quarter. There’s a good chance the July economic reports will be positive, or at least good enough, to continue supporting the upside momentum.

Photograph by: Je Shoots on Unsplash