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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start planning and investing for retirement?

There is no time like the present.  Short answer?  Now.  It’s never too early to begin, or too late to start because the longer you invest, the more you will gain in the long run.

The markets seem so volatile at the moment, should I wait?

The fact is that the overall trend of the stock market for the past 200 years has been upward. By investing early and not waiting for perceived ideal conditions, you will be able to maximize your profits taking our expert advice and guidance into account.

I don’t know much about investing, should I wait until I understand more?

Our goal is to help educate and empower you throughout the process. We’re committed to  teaching you as much as you’d like to learn every step of the way.

Will my accounts be diversified?

Yes, your account will be globally diversified to reduce unnecessary market risk and volatility. You’re input and risk thresholds will be discussed and adjusted accordingly as we go.

What types of investments will BAM purchase for my portfolio?

We focus on Exchange Traded Index Funds (ETFs). We review the thousands of ETFs available to find the ones with the lowest cost, best performance vs risk, ideal area of diversification, and other key metrics.

How often are my accounts monitored?

The stock and bond markets are monitored every day for investment opportunities and risks. Individual accounts are reviewed daily or weekly and holdings are rebalanced at opportune times.

How often can we speak and is there extra cost for frequent consultations and check-ins?

No, there is no additional cost for answering your questions, brief check-ins, or in depth reviews and we are regularly available by email, phone or for virtual meetings.

When can I take out funds?

Anytime actually. You have full control. There are always optimal times to withdraw and we will advise along the way. 

Is it easy to transfer my portfolio over to BAM?

Just a few simple steps. We securely gather your information and then complete all the necessary paperwork so you can  simply sign and submit.

We are a valuable resource, and here to answer all your questions.

Ask away...

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